About PhotoGeek1313

Favorite quote:  "Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures." ~ Don McCullin (1935-)


New York trained Professional Photographer Marsha Feinberg specializes in capturing the true human essence of her subjects.

Considered to be one of the best of the best by her peers and her clients, Marsha has been creating intimate portraits of men, women and children of all ages since 1994.  You may have seen her or her work on NBC Channel 4 News (Vietnam Series), Inland Empire Magazine, Ms. Fitness Magazine, Body by Jake Productions, Shibumi Clothing, The Press Enterprise, and many others.  Clients include Gorge Lopez, Steven Seagal, Suzanne Somers, Arnold Swarzenegger, Ron Rice (Hawaiian Tropics) to mention a few.  And probably your next door neighbor.

Elegant, simple and profoundly personal shots are the hallmark of Marsha’s style.  By developing a good rapport with her subjects, she is able to capture that true subtle expression or magic moment-in-time that only arises when the subject feels completely at ease.  Preview Marsha’s work & you’ll find each photograph to be a true work of art that will be enjoyed for many years and cherished as a family-heirloom.

Formerly working under the name Shades Of Gray Photography (from the days when she used Black & White Film exclusively and personally processed and printed all of her own work) Marsha has now embraced the full color palette & harnessed the incredible power of Digital Photography.

“Times have changed & imagery technology has evolved.  At first I thought using digital cameras would compromise my work.  What I discovered to be true was just the opposite.  Leveraging Digital has taken my artistic photography style to a whole new level.  The didigital darkroom is a nice blend between art & technology.”

Behind The Lense

behind the lense
the heartbeat
and breath of a soul,
a pure soul" 
so set on capturing 
those moments in living 
that only 
one with vision & understanding 
about beauty and times 
to be remembered visions, 
while pushing on the shutter 
and thereby, 
the instance in living 
has made history,
a well documented silhouette 
of life's 
array, of beautiful things,
& people,and places 
that some only dream about , 
behind the lense 
a soul watches 
in awe of life 
with total enjoyment , marvels 
as the print ,comes to 
and carries with it 
love for so many beautiful
moments now framed
for the soul searcher 
to glaze upon 
and appreciate 

Robert Maurice Robinson-2011